Easy & good gluten free challah

This recipe was adapted from the Bob’s Red Mill challah recipe, to make it more convenient. I reduced the specialty ingredients to 1, introduced a bread maker to make the dough, and replaced the shaping process with a baking form.

The result was a slightly sweet and tasty challah, with a texture similar to a normal challah that hasn’t been braided. Braiding challah does give it a pulled texture.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this dough can be handled in order to give it that pulled texture. The Bob’s recipe does talk about shaping the dough into lines, refrigerating them, and then braiding – but even that doesn’t sound like pulling, the way you do with glutenous challah dough.

My gluten-intolerable friend said that he enjoyed this challah, would want it again, and wanted to keep the leftovers.



Throw the water, yeast and sugar in the bread maker and let sit/activate for 5mins.

Add in everything else.

Turn on the bread maker to dough setting. It should run for about 1hr 20mins.

When done, the dough will have risen a little but will be sticky and not something you want to handle with your fingers.

Transfer to a greased baking form. I used a spatula to transfer the dough into a buttered bundt cake form.

It’ll look sticky and more thick than a cake mixture, like you’re not sure how it’s going to flatten into the form. Just gently get it roughly evenly spread and don’t worry about smoothing it.

The second time that I tried this, I tried to get some pulled texture by spinning it for a minute by hand. I think it may have helped add some texture.

Cover and let sit for 30mins. Heat the oven to 375. The dough will flatten out a bit into the form, and rise a little.

I’m curious whether it would rise much more if left for 1hr, but I didn’t knock the dough down much when transferring from the bread maker – so more rising might not be necessary.

Bake for 20mins.

Mix the remaining egg a little, and set aside for the egg wash.

Turn off the oven but keep the door closed to keep the heat in.

Gently but quickly turn the challah over onto a wire rack.

Brush the top of the challah with egg.

Return to the warm oven for a couple minutes, just long enough for the egg wash to cook.

Serve fresh.

Try french toast from any leftovers, the next day.